A sitcom about Accountants

There is a show about ordinary office people selling printing paper, there is a show about a group of government workers who can never get their jobs done right, and there is a show about a child beauty pageant wanna-be whose family may have swallowed something awful for breakfast. [Note: some of these shows are cancelled but you can still watch re-runs] Now, why don’t we have a show about an Accounting department?

I think accountants can provide as much humour as the other jokesters currently on TV.  However, most non-accountants who are married to accountants can probably agree with the networks that just the thought of of a TV show about bean counters would make everyone laugh so hard that they could cry.

Accountants can provide a great half hour comic relief.  Here’s how:

  1. Our Christmas party consists of a game where we guess the number of mints in a container; winner gets the mints AND the container!  I must admit that I’ve won this at least once.
  2. When we get together we talk about how many hours each of us put in during busy season and quarter-ends. It can get very competitive to the point of wanting to bring our sleeping bags to the office just to prove our point.
  3. The network is down.  We will spend the time cleaning our desks or going to lunch.
  4. Have you seen a bunch of accountants pay for a group lunch?  A calculator comes into play, and coins get used for tip!

Here’s who I would place in each role:

CFO – George Clooney.  Need I say more?  With a CFO like that, everyone will work hard.

Controller – Glen Close – Control is spelled PATTY HEWES.

Consolidations/Close Manager- Michael C. Hall (aka Dexter).  With Dexter around, all Closes would be perfect and completed by WD3.  Anybody who uploads incorrect journal entries or don’t meet deadlines knows what will happen!

Revenue Manager  – I was undecided between Tina Fey or Dwight Schrut. With Tina, can’t you just see her reciting the Revenue Recognition policies and contracts VSOEs that will make Sarah Pallin’s head spin.  Dwight, on the other hand, would show us how to creatively recognize revenue from his beet farm.

AP Manager – Melissa McCarthy.  If I were to call and ask for payment, I think I would forget what I was calling about after talking to Melissa for a few minutes.  That’s who I want on the team!

Cast your votes in case the TV network calls.