Everyone needs a fan

As the 2014 Superbowl (XLVIII) season came to an end, I wondered how the Seattle Seahawks achieved such amazing feats this year.  They had an incredible season, but what was the driving force that led the Hawks to make history by finally winning the SuperBowl?  There was one prevailing element throughout the season — the support of devoted and loyal fans…the 12th man.

Shared image of Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Win

Shared image of Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Win

Being the only major football league in the Pacific Northwest, the Hawks have a large fan base. The creation of the 12th man (the fan) was a brilliant demonstration of what the Hawks are about…their fans.

I watched the reaction of Hawk fans during the season.  There was overwhelming support from across the globe.  If there were Hawk fans anywhere, they supported their team.  You cannot walk in the Seattle area without seeing the green and blue shine everywhere.  Seahawk T-shirts, shoes, and other forms of support appeared in every corner.  Even churches expressed their belief with encouraging signs, such as “God shows no favoritsm!  We do. Go Hawks!”  The Hawks received a big send-off from Seattle for the Superbowl.

The fans were protective and defensive of their Hawks.  They did not let any 49er fans near their territory in the NFC championship game that put the Hawks in the Superbowl playoff.  After the Superbowl, the expression of gratitude and love from the 12th man were beyond compare.  Some cried as they enjoyed the first win in their lives with loved ones, many expressed their gratitude online, and the largest high-five was displayed by fans in Seattle after the victory.

The Seahawk’s Superbowl win demonstrates the power of support.  They had people believing in them, pushing them to go further.  In turn, the Hawks gave them the best season ever.  They did not want to disappoint their fans.  The astonishing support that the Seahawks received cannot be denied as being a major contributor to their remarkable season.

This support system is so vital in our every day life.  Having the encouragement of our family and friends can push us closer to greatness.  Having the support of our mentor and mangers that believe in us and support our ideas can impel us to accomplish the things that may seem impossible at times.

Everyone needs a fan.  Support and encourage those possessing a potential to accomplish amazing achievements. If you see someone at work with potential, support them and help them to rise.  In turn, find a good ally at work to support your great ideas.